Beauty Kubes YouK Sustainability Awards Winner 2020

Beauty Kubes announced as a YouK Sustainability Award 2020 Winner!

We’ve been awarded the Youk Sustainability Award for 2020!

The Youk Awards are designed to celebrate the amazing quality and depth of activity across the whole of the UK, highlighting smaller and local brands who are going the extra mile to deliver top quality, ethical, sustainable and UK based beauty products.

We started our journey on a mission to remove all plastic bottles from our product ranges having been inspired by programs such as the BBC's Blue Planet 2 and the work of local charities and organisations doing their best to raise awareness for our global plastic problem.  We wanted to go a step further and eradicate all plastic from our production line too. We use fully recyclable packaging for our products, we use vegware gloves in our production line and even our HQ is powered by renewable energy. 

Beauty Kubes plastic free production line

Starting out as a team of 2 we've now grown to a team of 10! We're extremely proud that as a small Cornish company we have been able to make a real impact in the beauty and haircare industry. We are stocked globally from as far as Australia, Taiwan, Iceland, Hong Kong, Finland, the USA and many more. 

We’re proud to sit alongside some of Britain’s best brands across the 3 categories, YouK Food & Drink Award, YouK Innovation Award and the YouK Sustainability Award, who were chosen based on their: 

  • Commitment to sourcing local ingredients and components
  • Commitment to UK design
  • Commitment to UK manufacturing
  • Commitment to producing exception quality goods in the UK
  • Commitment to supporting UK-based charities and initiatives in the local community
  • Commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices

To view all the winners, visit the Youk website or shop our plastic free shampoo & conditioners, or our plastic free skincare range

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