Beauty Kubes plastic free summer essentials

Beauty Kubes plastic free summer essentials

This summer will be the first opportunity for a lot of people to let their hair down and travel, even if it is just within our beautiful island!

 There are plenty of fabulous destinations to go to within the UK and we have already welcomed thousands of visitors to Cornwall already this summer.

 As you may know, one of the key features of our Beauty Kubes products is their suitability for travel.  Not only will they leave your hair and skin in tip top condition, but they are lightweight to carry and spill and mess free! With no restrictions on liquids, you can take as many as you want in your hand luggage!

 We have compiled our top summer essentials so you can keep you skin and hair looking healthy and cared for, while doing your bit for the environment.

Beauty Kubes plastic free travel essentials

 You don’t have to take any plastic bottles or jars with you on your travels. Don’t worry, we have got you covered, and you can save yourself some unwanted kilos in your suitcases this summer.

 First of all, we recommend our best-selling hero product, our Shampoo for normal to dry hair. If you are lucky enough to be travelling for two weeks, then our full-sized product will be more than enough to see you through, as you get 27 washes in each box. It is so compact and light that it won’t take up much room in your toiletry bag. Infused with coconut milk, meadowfoam seed oil and a blend of uplifting essential oils, your hair will be left feeling light, bouncy and super soft.

 If you are getting away for a city break or weekend away, our travel sized shampoo will be perfect as it contains 3 Kubes, enough for 3 washes.

 Number two on our essentials list is our Body Wash. The uplifting white tea and citrus fragrance will leave you feeling refreshed and with super-soft skin after a day in the beach or in the sun.

 Again, for a two-week holiday, opt for our full-sized pack, or our travel size for a weekend escape.

 If you find you need a bit of extra conditioning help after washing, then choose our conditioning hair mask, one to two Kubes are all you need for a natural and nourishing treat. Available in full size or travel size, our conditioner is packed full of natural goodness such as marshmallow root, plant keratin, vitamin B5, macadamia but oil, pink clay and oats. Your hair will be left smelling fresh and clean with the added palmarosa, geranium and orange essential oils.

Next on the list is our fabulous new facial cleanser, made with upcycled raspberry seed oil and rice extract. Packed into each tiny cube is a cornucopia of natural skin beautifying ingredients, including Vitamins B, C & E

Finally if you are just off for a night away, have you seen our amazing new product that we have developed for the hotel industry? It is a revolutionary new product that we hope will help reduce all of the billions of plastic bottles currently sitting in hotel rooms across the world.

 Each small, biodegradable box contains 1 x shampoo Kube, 1 x body wash Kube and 1 x hair conditioning Kube. They all come in the same uplifting, allergen-free fragrance as our White Tea & Citrus Body wash Kubes.

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