Enjoy a plastic free picnic this National Picnic Week

Enjoy a plastic free picnic this National Picnic Week

What’s better than a picnic? A plastic free picnic!! There is something special about a having a picnic; taking the time to prepare your favourite food, packing it away in a bag and unpacking it all one you have found the perfect picnicking spot.

 One of our favourite spots here in Cornwall is Trebarwith Strand, a secluded cove on the North Cornish coast, with a small beach and beautiful cliff tops.

Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall
Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall 

 This week we are going to be sharing our tips for going plastic free when preparing and packing your food.

One of the main things that can help you go plastic free, which is the same in all areas of your life, is to plan ahead.

One of the main reasons for consumers purchasing goods with unnecessary plastic packaging, is due to them being in a rush or having no immediate alternative. Don’t grab that plastic tub of hummus from the shop, make your own and bring it in a re-usable tub.

Here is our favourite recipe for pea and mint hummus; it’s so refreshing and satisfying on a summer’s day.

 1 Can of chickpeas (Drain but keep some of the liquid to one side)

Juice of half a lemon

1 large clove of garlic

75g frozen peas (thawed)

Small handful of fresh mint (homegrown so you can be plastic free)

Dash of olive oil

Salt and pepper

Plastic free home made hummus

Just place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add some of the retained chickpea liquid if you want a smoother, thinner consistency.

 We love the containers from A slice of green as they are so lightweight and come in a set of 3 tins that fit inside each other; perfect for dips and salads.

Beaut Kubes plastic free blog

 Another item on our sustainable checklist is this travel rug which is made from recycled yarn. The yarn is either as a result of old clothes being shredded, re-spun and rewoven, or redundant yarn saved from landfill and put back into production and made in the UK. We bought ours from Ethical Superstore. An absolute essential for once you have found your perfect spot.

 Instead of buying plastic bottles of water or fizzy drinks, have you tried making your own fruit cordials? It’s so easy, you can make any flavour using your favourite fresh or frozen fruits.

We like strawberry and summer mixed berries, you can read one of our favourite recipes here. It is very easy, you just need your favourite berries, water, sugar and if you want to preserve your drink, some citric acid. You can get some fabulous glass bottles from Kilner, who do a range of storage jars that can help you go plastic free in the kitchen.

We hope you enjoy getting out and about this summer and enjoying the wonderful British countryside. Join us next week in our blog when we give you the low down on our plastic free summer essentials, just in time for the start of plastic free July. 


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