Meet the Beauty Kubes plastic free Ambassadors.

Meet the Beauty Kubes plastic free Ambassadors.

As you may know, we have recently been lucky enough to find four fabulous Beauty Kubes ambassadors, who are all working towards living a more sustainable life. 

They are going to be talking about the benefits of switching to our plastic free, solid shampoo cubes, giving their honest reviews and opinions on them and explaining how to use them to their followers. 

We are delighted to introduce them to you, starting with Innes.

Innes has a beautiful Instagram account - click the link here to follow her on Instagram @aboderie

Meet Innes our plastic free Beauty Kubes ambassador

Innes writes fantastic blog articles on everything from motherhood, (especially some valuable advice on switching from plastic, disposable nappies to sustainable cloth nappies), to DIY, Interiors and sustainability issues. 

Innes has also written a wonderful, in-depth review of our Kubes, which you can read here. 

Next we have Waz, Kar, Seb, Aiden and Ella!!! Otherwise known as the Travelling Family!

This fab family have been travelling around the world, mainly in Europe, getting along by volunteering. If their Instagram account @ourtravellingfamily is anything to go by, they are having a blast while doing lots of important jobs for people across the world. 

Beauty Kubes plastic free ambassador our travelling family

Kar and her family have been using our Beauty Kubes since we started making them in 2018. As Beauty Kubes are the perfect companion when travelling, the family have found it so useful to have our solid shampoo and body washes to hand, without fear of spills and wastage and huge plastic bottles to carry around.

You can keep up to date with their experiences by following their blog here:

Another fantastic ambassador for Beauty Kubes since we launched back in 2018 has been Kate. Kate has enjoyed walks along the beach with her beloved dog for several years and has during that time witnessed the increase of plastic waste and rubbish left across our beaches. Beauty Kubes appealed to her, as we share the same drive to help cut the amount of plastic pollution hitting our oceans. 

Kate from Sea Stuff a plastic free ambassador for Beauty Kubes

Kate uses these pieces of plastic that she finds to create beautiful pieces of art. You can follow her beautiful beach walks and find out what beautiful creations she has made by following her on Instagram @Seastuff_

The latest Ambassador to join our team is Alice-May. Alice May has a really interesting take on the sustainability issues the we are having to juggle on a daily basis. Her blog focuses on sustainable, thrifted and hand-made fashion. This is a concept that we are really keen on as well here at Beauty Kubes. The idea of making your own items, whether that is baking more at home, making your own food, or being really creative like Alice-May and up-cycling fashion items, putting your creative mark on them and turning them into a personalised piece. 

Beauty Kubes plastic free ambassador

If you want to read more about Alice-May's exciting projects and also her experiences with Beauty Kubes, follow her blog here and follow her on Instagram @thestitchededit

We hope you will enjoy following our ambassadors and their experiences with using Beauty Kubes!

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