British Flowers Week

British Flowers Week

Here at Beauty Kubes, you may know that our main focus is reducing the amount of plastic packaging out there in the world. We are also really passionate about the environment and nature, especially as we are lucky enough to be based in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Cornwall has some of the most diverse nature that we have in our country, but as we know, it has been diminishing fast. In our last blog, we looked at our neighbours Cabilla who are doing amazing things to re-stablish nature at their farm.

This week, as it’s British Flowers week, we thought we would share one of our passions with you, which is flowers!

At home, we are trying to leave as many areas as possible wild, not because we are lazy gardeners (well maybe a little) but because we want the bees and other pollinators to be able to do their job and help create the food that we eat.  There are so many wildflowers that people think of as weeds. Our philosophy is, if it is a pretty colour, the bees are probably going to like it, so let’s leave it! We have lots of wildflowers in the hedgerows in Cornwall, from foxgloves, red campion, tiny geraniums, forget me nots and oxeye daisies.

heath spotted orchid
Heath Spotted Orchid seen on Bodmin moor

Have you ever tried using wildflowers in your flower arrangements at home? If you have wildflowers growing in your garden, trying picking a few to brighten up a room. You may find you have a new found appreciation for these flowers that maybe you once thought of as weeds?

Another fabulous project that we love is; The floral project : a fantastic idea that encourages people to grow flowers for the bees, themselves and others. They encourage people to get gardening, grow flowers and give some to charities that will ensure they reach people and bring a smile and a lift to people who really need it. A really lovely ideas as we have seen during lockdown how sending flowers can really make a difference and lift people’s spirits. We certainly saw a real appreciation for our self-care gift sets during lockdown and know how impactful it can be to receive a gift or flowers when you are in desperate need of a little happiness. 

Did you know that 90% of flowers in the UK have been imported, often traveling over 4000 miles? Buying just 1 bunch per week costs the environment 1.5 tonnes of carbon. Cheap flowers are often grown while exploiting workers from developing countries. Buying British flowers costs the environment on average 95% less carbon output.

National flower week, plastic free, British flowers
British grown flowers, zero air miles and plastic free!

If you are thinking of buying flowers for someone, buy local, British flowers, they will be much better for the environment and will probably smell like actual flowers – it is not natural for instance for roses to not have a scent. This scent is removed by the chemical treatment of the flower, to ensure they last the long journey from a far-off county to your vase.

We love flowers for their ability to lift up and brighten a room, for their amazing scent and in some cases, their amazing aromatherapeutic and skincare properties.

 For instance, we use rose petal powder in our normal to dry shampoo, rose oil in our hydrating, plastic free body cream and the beautiful, regenerating oil of frangipani, from the frangipani flower in our luxurious, plastic free face cream.

Beauty Kubes plastic free body cream
Beauty Kubes plastic free hydrating body cream 

 We hope you share our love of flowers and don’t forget, if you are thinking of sending flowers to cheer up a loved one, choose sustainably grown, British flowers - they are often the only plastic free option to buy!


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