Our plastic free shampoo for normal hair in Stylist Magazine!

Our plastic free shampoo for normal hair in Stylist Magazine!

Our best-selling plastic free shampoo is our Beauty Kubes shampoo for normal to dry hair.

They have recently been featured in Stylist Magazines 'Best Shampoo Bars' Read the article here.

We are delighted to have our product featured in Stylist Magazine. Although not a Shampoo Bar, Beauty Kubes are in fact a solid shampoo. They actually behave in the opposite way to a shampoo bar!

Instead of slowly dissolving over time, each tiny Beauty Kube shampoo cube has been specially formulated to dissolve in your hand with a little water. A paste is created that you massage into wet hair to create a beautiful, gentle lather. 

If you haven't ditched your plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles yet, give our Beauty Kubes a try by opting for our tiny trial sizes, so you can see if you like them before committing to the full sizes.

Unlike shampoo bars, our Beauty Kubes shampoo does not require that you go through a 'transitioning period' with your hair. Our solid Kubes are just a solid version of shampoo and are made in a similar way just minus the water!

Most conventional plastic bottles of shampoo contain approximately 75% water. That is a ridiculous amount of water to be shipping around the globe for no reason what so ever. 

So not only are you cutting out the plastic when you buy Beauty Kubes, but you are cutting down on the unnecessary use of water. As our boxes only measure 5cm x 5cm, they are incredibly light to transport and space-saving when compared to bulky, conventional shampoo bottles. 

We would love to hear what you think of our Beauty Kubes, so get in touch to let us know, or head over to our Instagram page @beautykubes or Facebook/beautykubes to let us know!


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