Plastic Free at London Fashion Week

Plastic Free at London Fashion Week

We were delighted to be contacted by Anya Hindmarch's office last week to say that our Beauty Kubes unisex plastic free shampoo and body wash Kubes had been selected by Anya to appear in her personally curated plastic-free goody bags for her London Fashion week launch. 

Beauty Kubes plastic free at London Fashion Week

This year, Anya decided not to stick to the traditional catwalk show format, instead she wanted to make a real statement. She sourced over 90, 000 used plastic water bottles for an eye-opening 'I am a plastic bag' installation to make people sit-up and think about their use of single-use plastics. The figure of 90k bottles is also the number of bottles purchased globally EVERY SIX SECONDS!!!!!! 

Anya Hindmarch Plastic free I am not a plastic bag London Fashion Week

The two year journey to figure out how to turn used plastics into cute and desirable women's accessories culminated in the launch of her range of gorgeous tote bags and accessories. The goal was to create beautiful pieces with as little negative impact on the environment - something that we strive to do here at Beauty Kubes too. 

After her 2007 worldwide success with the 'I am not a plastic bag' campaign, Anya's new initiative has seen a select number of bags available before their launch in April. The fabric used to make the bags is made from plastic bottles and is coated with a material made from recycled windscreens. Innovations such as these are at the forefront of Anya's designs and shows her commitment to helping to combat climate change. 

All of Anya's London stores are closed for the duration of London Fashion week, enabling as many people as possible to see what 90k plastic bottles looks like and to imagine how many bottles are thrown away every day. 

We are so thrilled to have been included in Anya's good bags with some other amazing plastic free brands. 

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