Self care series - caring for dry hands during lockdown

Self care series - caring for dry hands during lockdown

If you are suffering from dry hands due to increased washing and effects of the cold weather, you are not alone!

Our hands are extremely prone to drying out, not just because the skin comes into contact with soaps, harsh alcohol sanitisers and detergents, but because the skin on your hands is different to that of the skin on other parts of your body.

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In order to perform the vital functions of going about your daily activities such as gripping, holding and touching, your hands have fewer sebaceous (oil) glands. This means that they are much more prone to drying out than other areas of skin on your face and body.

That fact combined with the increased washing and sanitising of hands this last year, it’s no wonder that your hands can are looking dry and feeling uncomfortable.

With beauty salons closed, there is no chance of going to get some professional TLC for your long-suffering hands. Never fear, as you can give your hands a self-care treatment at home with just a few simple ingredients. It’s also plastic free!

Beauty Kubes care for your hands and nails with self care manicure at home

If you can set yourself 15 minutes to give your hands a bit of a natural (and plastic free!) treatment once a week if possible (even if it’s just once a month), then your hands will look healthier and feel so much more comfortable.

Here’s how to keep your hands and nails looking great until the salons reopen! 

  • Clip / trim your nails
  • File your nails. Always file gently from the outer edges to the centre in one direction. Do not file back and forth as this can lead to splitting nails.
  • Exfoliate your hands.
  • Apply a hand mask
  • Use a cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles
  • Massage the hands and apply a hand and nail oil.
  • Apply a nourishing cream.

See below for how to make each treatment.

Exfoliating Hand Treatment:


Add half the quantity of oil as that of the sugar. You can choose an oil of your choice – coconut / avocado / almond / olive.

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Take a small amount of the mixture and massage gently into all areas of the hand and fingers. Rinse with warm water and then pat dry

Nourishing Hand Mask:

¼ of an Avocado

1 Tbsp oats

1 tsp lemon juice

1tsp calendula petals (optional)

A few drops of your oil of choice

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Step 1.) Add the oats and calendula petals (or other herb of your choice such as chamomile) to your blender and blend for a few seconds until a fine powder is created.

Step 2.) Add the lemon juice, oil of your choice and avocado and mix together. 

Step 3.) Apply the mixture with a brush to the back of your hand, including the fingers.

Step 4.) Leave on for ten minutes. Scrape off the mixture (add to your compost heap if you have one). Then rinse and pat dry.  

Apply a nail oil:

We like almond oil best as it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E and is great for alleviating dry skin. It won’t sink into the skin too quickly, so it’s great for giving the hands a relaxing massage. Focus on each nail and nail bed, gently massaging with your thumb.

Apply a nourishing cream:

Our Eve of St Agnes hand and body cream is perfect for the hands as it is super-nourishing and hydrating but not greasy, so it will sink right into the skin, leaving your hands feeling super soft and silky. 

Beauty Kubes plastic free hand and body cream for dry. hands

If you can find some time to do this once a week, your hands will be so grateful and you will be giving yourself a much deserved relaxing treat. 

We hope you are enjoying our self-care blog series. Have you seen our skin care routine and scalp care posts?



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