Shop small this Christmas

Shop small this Christmas

For small businesses like ours, this year has been even more difficult than the last one. The disruptions and uncertainty surrounding lockdowns and travel has had a serious effect on the continuity of supply chains and a detrimental effect on sales for small businesses, shops and the travel industry.

Emma Heywood and Morten Pedersen co founders of Plastic Free Beauty Company Beauty Kubes
Emma Heywood & Morten Pedersen - Co founders of Beauty Kubes 

There has been much damage done to small businesses and this post will hopefully go some way to explaining why it is essential we keep small businesses going and give them our support this Christmas.

Whilst we have all been preoccupied with keeping up with the rules, missing our loved ones and trying to keep lives and businesses going, the biggest transfer of wealth in modern times has taken place behind the scenes.

The world’s richest billionaires have managed to increase their wealth by $1 trillion, while twenty million Americans lost their jobs.  People have genuinely been fearing for their safety and the safety of their loved ones and struggling to keep their lives going. I quote U.S figures here as our government have not yet carried out an impact assessment into the adverse effects of lockdowns.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes magazine, U.S billionaires have the top ten beneficiaries of wealth have between them accumulated $1 trillion, amongst them are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who has been merrily jetting off into space, multiplying the average person’s carbon footprint by a zillion with the amount of rocket fuel burnt by that little trip.

 Back in the real world, small businesses, which are usually founded by ordinary people who care strongly about something and want to make a change, are struggling for survival. Without small businesses, change would never happen. Innovation would never happen. For instance, companies like Beauty Kubes, helping to disrupt the beauty industry is driving consumer decisions. The big companies would never consider removing plastic from their ranges, or making their products free of animal products if there was not a customer demand to do so. To them it is all about profit. Their shareholders squeeze supply chains, squeeze wages so that they can sit back and scrape in the extra millions, so they can afford some gold taps or a new yacht. Only when customers demand change do they act, and it’s always only ever about profit.

 Behind each small business is a person, a couple or a family, trying to make a difference, trying to make a positive impact on the world. One of the positive things about running Beauty Kubes, is that we have seen so many other small businesses getting up day after day, getting out and shouting about whatever it is they want to change or make happen.

 A lot of our customers share our passion for trying to leave as little negative impact on the planet as possible. That doesn’t just mean wise choices when it comes to the products you buy, it also means making wise choices about the companies you buy those products from.

 If you buy from a small business, you are making positive change a reality. When you buy from a small business, you are supporting a family, when you buy from a small business, you are helping to make someone’s dreams come true.

 We all buy from bigger companies sometimes, because it’s convenient, sometimes it’s cheaper. But those decisions come with a price. By buying from large companies, you are enabling the 1% of society to get even richer, you are enabling these companies to have more and more power to dictate to our politicians what goes on in the world.

 If COP26 was anything to go by, we have seen how much large corporations and industries have control over our governments. Again, it seems to be profit and power over caring for each other and the planet.

Beauty Kubes Christmas Gift Sets


This year, if you can, just buy 1 extra gift from a small business. Founder of Not on The High Street, Holly Tucker says; “We have the power to save small UK businesses at risk of closure in 2022 – if we each bought just one Christmas gift from independent businesses instead this year. We would reallocate a vital £2.7 BILLION between small businesses most in need.” That’s an incredible statistic and just proves the point that we, as a collective have the power to make things happen and make change happen. We cannot always rely on our governments to tell us how to make things happen, sometimes we need to just think for ourselves and act before it’s too late.

 We thank all of our wonderful customers for their support this year. We have something special coming up instead of Black Friday again this year, so watch out for that!


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