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Why do we make Beauty Kubes from natural ingredients?

 It was back in 2009 when I first started to learn about natural cosmetics and skincare. I realised that via the skin, our largest organ, chemicals from the skincare and cosmetics that we apply to it, are absorbed into the body.

 The average woman absorbs around 2kg of chemicals solely from the cosmetics and toiletries that she uses in 1 year. That is a staggering amount! What are those chemicals doing when they enter your body? It is impossible for anyone to know exactly what the long-term effects could be from the 100’s of different chemicals that enter our bodies, not only from cosmetics but from the air, the food we eat and from drinking water.

Beauty Kubes natural skincare

 There have been many studies linked to cancer from certain chemicals used in toiletries. The possible links between aluminium based deodorants and breast cancer are still being researched and the results from this study do suggest a link.  

 Our philosophy at Beauty Kubes is to create formulas that are as natural as possible. My personal belief is that most of the chemicals that are in use within the cosmetics industry have only been around for a maximum of 50 years and we do not have enough long term data or studies to show the myriad of complications that could result from internal exposure to chemicals that are alien to the human body. They could be completely safe, but we prefer to put our faith and trust in Mother Nature’s pure and natural ingredients that have centuries of well documented safe use. That is why the majority of the ingredients we use in our skincare and bodycare are either natural or organic. Such as the upcycled raspberry oil that we use in our Beauty Kubes Cleanser. 

Beauty Kubes cleanser upcycled raspberry oil


It is not always realistic in these modern times however, to achieve the results that customers want without using some synthetic ingredients. For instance, the Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate that we use in our range of plastic free shampoos is derived from coconut, but it is chemically altered from its original state to create the ultra-gentle, palm oil free cleansing agent needed to make our shampoos so effective.

 For instance, in some products that contain water, it’s essential to use a synthetic preservative. A preservative protects the emulsion from dangerous pathogens that can be present in water, such as bacteria, yeasts and mould. If these pathogens were to come into contact with the skin, they could potentially cause serious infections. In our Eve of St Agnes creams, we use a very natural, yet effective preservative to protect our creams. Our Beauty Kubes products however, do not contain water, so therefore do not need a preservative.

Beauty Kubes natural shampoo preservative free


 We will be focusing more on synthetic ingredients to avoid in future Beauty Kubes blogs. Do get in touch if you have any questions regarding our Beauty Kubes products or natural skincare in general.

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