A new sustainable home for our plastic free shampoo Kubes!

Emma Heywood

We have now moved into our new workshop where we will be making our plastic free shampoo Kubes and zero waste beauty products.  As we have received such a great response to our Beauty Kubes since our launch in February, we have had to move into a slightly bigger unit, so we can keep up with demand. All our products are made by hand, each box of 27 Beauty Kubes is hand mixed and then made into individual Kubes, then hand packed into our recyclable cardboard boxes and lined with biodegradable paper.  When we send out each order, we only use...

Plastic free hair conditioner coming soon!

Emma Heywood

Zero waste Conditioner update: We have been really pleased to hear that most of our customers haven’t needed to use a conditioner when using our Kubes, but there are some of you who have been keen to hear about how our new conditioner product is coming along. For those of you who need a little extra help with combing wet hair, detangling and smoothing the hair, we have a new product coming very soon! After lots of research and trials, we have two conditioning products that will be launched. The first is a conditioning balm. The second will be a...