Hotel Size Beauty Kubes plastic free shampoo for men pack of 250 boxes


Plastic free solid shampoo and body wash for men. A palm free, vegan friendly shampoo for men, made with natural and organic ingredients and infused with pure, organic essential oils. 

Each hotel sized box contains 3 x solid shampoo Kubes. The perfect waste-free alternative to a shampoo bar. One Kube = one wash. 

For the full ingredients list and product details, please visit the full sized product page here.

Price includes VAT and shipping.

Please note, Beauty Kubes plastic free shampoo has a very natural formula and therefore has a relatively short shelf-life of 6 months.

How to use

Just take 1 plastic free solid shampoo cube into the bath or shower, press firmly between wet hands and rub hands firmly together to make a paste. Just smooth paste over the hair, add more water if needed and massage into hair to create a luxurious lather. Rinse

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