Beauty Kubes going plastic free on Earth Day

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day blog

This year’s theme focuses on Investing in the environment.

For me this means taking responsibility and care for your local environment, apart from taking responsibility for what you consume on a daily basis and what you buy, this year it is all about what you can do to help nature thrive.

Beauty Kubes investing in local environment this earth day

 For us Earth Day shouldn’t just be a day where you do something and then go back to your old habits. It should be a day where you take stock of what you are doing and push yourself to see what else you can do to live a less wasteful and more considerate life. That being said, not one of us is perfect and we do not proclaim to be so. As it has been said many times it’s no good just a handful of people being perfect, but if millions were to make a few simple changes, then real progress would be made.

 As a business, we are continuing to invest in protecting areas of rainforest. With each purchase you make, 25 trees will be protected. Rather than planting trees, we felt it was much better to protect a living tree that is home to an entire eco system, so it’s not just the tree we are protecting, it’s the insects, birds and animals that thrive within the entire tree.  Also, the carbon footprint associated with planting new trees can be quite high, so we felt it better to ensure that beautiful trees are protected forever. We have teamed up with One Tribe Global to do this. You can see our page here and how many trees we have saved so far with your help.

Beauty Kubes investing in protecting rainforest trees this earth day

 Personally, we are endeavouring to get out and participate in more beach cleans, we haven’t done one in a while, so investing some time into that is definitely on the to do list.

 As well as putting up some bird boxes already this season to help nesting birds build a safe environment to raise their chicks, we are endeavouring to grow even more flowers this year. There is still time to get out and plant flower seeds, our favourites for attracting butterflies are strawflowers, also known as Everlastings, as they make beautiful, dried flowers. We had so many bees and butterflies on these flowers, we will certainly be planting more this year. Another favourite is verbena, with its’ tall purple flowering heads, they look really beautiful in the garden in late summer.

Last year we planted lots of flowers and we had so many bees, butterflies and encouraged other pollinating insects into the garden.

beauty kubes growing wildflowers this earth day

 This earth day, we are focusing on what we can continue to invest in as a business – donating money from each purchase you make online to preserving rainforest trees, and investing personally with our time.

Will you be making any changes to your daily shopping and living habits this Earth Day?

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