About us

Eve of St Agnes was founded in 2011 by Emma Heywood and Morten Pedersen to create luxurious, natural skincare products.
In 2017, the company moved its headquarters to Cornwall and began exploring ways to reduce plastic waste while maintaining a sustainable business model. In 2018, the brand Beauty Kubes was born!
We are very proud of our low-waste and plastic free range of clean beauty products that have won multiple awards and are now stocked world-wide.
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Wild flowers on Bodmin Moor
Now in 2022, Eve of St Agnes is launching Hedgerow and Moor - a brand celebrating the magic and beauty found amongst the Cornish hedgerows and the wild Cornish moors. This brand complements the plastic free shower and skincare products of our Beauty Kubes range, with sustainable, hand crafted products for the home and hearth, mind and body and a growing range of sustainable, unique gifts and hampers - perfect for giving a little bit of Cornwall to a loved one. All of our products are made at our facility near the north Cornish coast using sustainable energy resources. 
Wind turbines used to create sustainable energy
As a company, our ethos is to create thoughtful, innovative yet traditional products that bring a bit of joy to the end user, without having a negative impact on the environment. We don't use any plastic packaging when we ship our products to you. 
We hope you will enjoy learning about our products and reading our weekly blog which will give an insight into the changing seasons in Cornwall and the wonderful wildlife and nature that we have around us. We are enjoying living a slower pace of life and learning to really see and appreciate that nature as much as we can.
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