Important changes at Beauty Kubes and an exciting new range.

Important changes at Beauty Kubes and an exciting new range.

As I am sure many of you are aware, the last couple of years have been extremely difficult for a lot of businesses, it has not been any different for us.

 With rising energy costs, rising ingredients costs and supply chain issues, we are having to increase our prices. We wanted to make sure that our Beauty Kubes customers have an excellent experience when using our products, so we have reformulated our Normal to dry shampoo, Normal to dry conditioner and men’s shampoo & body wash to give an even better experience.

Price increases will star April 1st. 

 The normal to dry shampoo contains a new, biodegradable conditioning and de-tangling agent that is derived from castor oil. We also use this in our conditioner to aid with wet-combability.

 We have also added prebiotics to this range to help ensure optimal scalp health. In addition, we have included marshmallow root oil in both products, to increase conditioning of the hair. In both products, we have added the exquisite Linden flower absolute, which enhances the fragrance and adds to the mood-boosting experience of the blend of essential oils.

 To further improve the customer experience, we have changed the box size and layout for the shampoos, body wash and conditioners. All the other Beauty Kubes products will remain in the same packaging. Each box will measure 10 cm x 2 cm x 10 cm. This means that there will now be 36 Kubes in a pack instead of 27, giving 9 more washes. This means that the box will fit through a letterbox and customers will be able to get free postage on all the Beauty Kubes range. We will also be re-introducing an improved subscription service, so you can have all your Beauty Kubes products delivered as and when you need them.

 We have also re-designed the entire range with new and elegant designs, that greater reflect the high-end, all-natural ingredients that we use in Beauty Kubes.

 The new prices will be as follows:

All shampoo - £13.95

All conditioners - 16.95

White tea & citrus body wash £11.95

Cleanser - 15.95

Face Mask - £13.95

Exfoliator - £13.95

 While stocks last the original Beauty Kubes boxes will be available at a 20% discount.

 Further to this, our parent company Eve of St. Agnes will be launching an exciting new brand towards the end of March. This new brand will be called Hedgerow & Moor and will be selling natural living items and gifts to complement the current Beauty Kubes range.

 We are so excited about this range of thoughtful and unique products for the home alongside exclusive gifts that celebrate the seasons and embrace a slower way of living. All our products are made from sustainable materials, free from plastic where an alternative is available and free from excessive waste. For items that we can’t make ourselves, such as bamboo toothbrushes, we will be carefully sourcing sustainable products from overseas.  We check that every factory we source from has the relevant human rights policies in place.

 If you would like to follow our Instagram page for this, it is @hedgerowandmoor

Hedgerow and Moor

 The Beauty Kubes range and that of Hedgerow & Moor will come under the same website:

We hope that you will continue to support us at Beauty Kubes and our new exciting brand Hedgrow & Moor.

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