Plastic free hair conditioner coming soon!

Zero waste Conditioner update:

We have been really pleased to hear that most of our customers haven’t needed to use a conditioner when using our Kubes, but there are some of you who have been keen to hear about how our new conditioner product is coming along. For those of you who need a little extra help with combing wet hair, detangling and smoothing the hair, we have a new product coming very soon!

After lots of research and trials, we have two conditioning products that will be launched. The first is a conditioning balm. The second will be a conditioning Kube that will be more of an intense product that can be used once or twice a week as a conditioning treatment. We found that the Kube wouldn’t be cost effective for frequent use and it could deliver too much conditioning action for those with shorter hair. So that is why we have developed a unique balm. It is of course plastic free and is packaged in an aluminium tin with a paper label.

The balm is designed to help detangle wet hair, making it easier to comb and provide protection while drying the hair. As everyone has different hair types and requirements, we wanted something that was easy to manage in terms of the amount needed; some people will need a tiny bit more / less than others.

Beauty Kubes Zero waste plastic free conditioner

So a TINY amount is applied to towel dried hair and combed through with a wide toothed comb (A wooden or bamboo comb is best as this cuts down on static and it’s not plastic!) Once the hair is dry, a small amount can also be applied to help tame any flyaway strands. The product will be available in 10 ml and 30ml sizes.

So watch this space in the next week or so for the launch of the balm - we trialed the balm this week at the fabulous Ro Hair in Newquay. Ro was impressed with how the balm helped with combing through wet hair, at first she was a bit sceptical about using a balm as she felt it could be too heavy but was really impressed with how light the hair felt afterwards. Ro has also just won an award for best salon in Cornwall, so huge congrats from us to her! Yo can follow Ro on Instagram;

The conditioner Kube needs more testing and will be available in the coming months.

We will keep you updated!


Emma & Morten


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