Plastic free toiletries and sustainable travel tips

Plastic free toiletries and sustainable travel tips

It is so fantastic to be able to travel again, there are so many beautiful places to visit in the UK and we look forward to seeing lots of visitors to Cornwall this summer.

Our plastic free beauty range offers the perfect solution for travelling; the individual Kubes, are very light, so won’t weigh down your bag or case and because there is no water in the products, there won’t be any spillages or messy bars going soggy on the side of the sink or bath!

We offer trial sizes in our products which make the perfect sizes for a weekend away. Choose from body wash, our best-selling shampoo, conditioner and now our new plastic free cleanser which is excellent for normal to more sensitive skin types.

Some tips for travelling plastic free:

  • Take some re-usable bags with you when you go out, this will really help if you need to make any last-minute purchases or you want to treat yourself to some local produce.
  • Pack a bamboo toothbrush, we like these from BamBaw.
  • Take a travel coffee mug with you – most coffee shops will now let you have your take-away coffee in your own mug which is fantastic for cutting down on all of those plastic cups and coffee lids!

  • Don’t forget your water re-fillable water bottle – an absolute essential to avoid using single use plastic water bottles.
  • Pack your Beauty Kubes plastic free trial sized toiletries. This will save you needing to use any of the millions of plastic hotel toiletry bottles out there! 
  • Pack some re-usable cutlery, we like these from Jungle Straws. Really handy when you need to grab a meal on the go but don’t want to use any plastic cutlery.
  • We also like LastTissue from LastObject, which are reusable tissues – for some people the thought of using a handkerchief sounds unhygienic but these are actually a really good idea and essential for travels and trips out to deal with any unexpected spillages. You can store the used tissues away from the clean ones in the silicone case provided.

Wherever you go this summer, we hope you enjoy every single minute of it. Perhaps you can take your re-usable bags and carry out a quick 5 minutes litter pick of wherever you are. We have all been seeing some horrendous images of beauty spots and beaches covered in litter in recent weeks, so if we can all do a little bit every time we go out, it will keep these amazing spaces that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep clean and safe for ourselves and for nature.

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