Say No to Black Friday and Yes to Give Back Friday

Say No to Black Friday and Yes to Give Back Friday

What is Give Back Friday and why do we do it? Last year at Beauty Kubes, we decided we wanted to do things slightly differently instead of following the crowd with a Black Friday sale.

 Small businesses, (especially eco-conscious businesses) do not have the profit margins to give huge discounts at this or any other time of year. Saying that, we do want to reward our loyal customers and welcome some new ones with some discounts and offers that make this expensive time of year a little easier.

 That is why, last year, we thought up Give Back Friday. It’s where we encourage customers to shop with us all weekend while enjoying a 15% discount on all products online and at the end of the weekend, we total the sales and we take 5% of all sales and buy groceries to take to our local foodbank in Camelford, Cornwall.

 In a study carried out by the Trussel Trust, it showed that in the last quarter of 2020 and up to the first quarter of 2021, food banks gave a record 2.5 million emergency parcels out to people needing help.

Beauty Kubes Give Back Friday instead of Black Friday

In recent years, people have let the quest for huge discounts and bargains lead to some very ugly scenes, with people fighting over flat screen TV’s in the shops. It tends to distract from what Christmas should be about; spending time with loved ones, celebrating the good things in life and thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves.

This year has been a difficult for many people. Lots of small businesses have struggled – (read our blog here on why we need to make sure small businesses at risk make it into 2022 in on piece). That’s why we want to try and help spread the wealth so that it doesn’t just end up in the hands of the Jeff Bezos’s of this world and that we stop to think about how we spend our money and the gifts we buy.

Beauty Kubes Christmas Give Back Friday sales

We hope you will join us for our Give Back Friday weekend as we aim to enjoy everything that Christmas has to offer, while remembering to help those that have had a tough time this last couple of years.

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