We want to help ditch the plastic toiletries in hotels

We want to help ditch the plastic toiletries in hotels

Did you know that just in the UK alone, 200 MILLION plastic bottles of toiletries; from shampoo, body wash, conditioner to body lotion are dumped in landfill. Think about how many bottles are dumped globally….

This is our story of how and why we wanted to help change this sea of plastic being created within the cosmetics industry.

Back in 2017, when we were producing natural cosmetics for our company Eve of St. Agnes, we were approached by a large business who were interested in licensing our brand to produce hotel amenities.

Wow, that would have been an amazing boost to our very small business and would have meant our income would have increased hugely! There was one big problem, we would be responsible for contributing to the billions of tiny plastic bottles in hotels across the world.

Our consciences wouldn’t allow it and so the quest to create a plastic free, single use, solid form of shampoo and body wash started.

We wanted to create a high-performing product that we would want to use ourselves and after many months of trial and error and testing the products on ourselves (sometimes washing my hair twice a day!!) we created the first Beauty Kubes products which launched in February 2018.

We initially created the products for the retail sector and have been selling the products to a growing, global audience ever since. The hotel side of things had to be put to one side until we figured out how to make the products on a larger scale, tweaked them and improved them based on customer feedback.

Now we are so excited to announce that we will soon be launching a special range of amenity sized products, especially for the hotel and hospitality sectors. We will be offering a small travel sized pack containing 3 Kubes. One Kube will be a shampoo, one a body wash and one a hair conditioner.

Beauty Kubes hotel toiletries

This means that instead of having 3 small plastic bottles in each hotel room each day, there now need only be one small, recyclable cardboard box. The guests in the hotel will still feel like they are being pampered and having an enjoyable experience, but without the waste and plastic packaging. 

We know that some hotels have decided to use refill stations in hotels but with the recent hygiene concerns surrounding Covid, they are not always the most hygienic option. Liquid shampoos also contain up to 75% water, which we believe is an unnecessary waste; involving the transportation of such large volumes of water around the world. This is particularly important as we are heading to a global water shortage.  

Hopefully, we will be able to spread the word about our new plastic free solution for hotels and accommodation providers across the world and save the planet from the millions of plastic bottles out there!


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