Since our launch on 16th February, we are starting to get feedback on our exciting new products. 
Read some of our reviews here:
Beauty Blogger Beauty Balm had this to say: "I found the Beauty Kubes easy to use, thought they smelled great and loved how shiny, smooth and healthy looking my hair looked after blow-drying (without added conditioner). I think they'd be great to pack for your summer holiday."
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Another customer who has extremely long and very beautiful hair got in touch to give her feedback: "I LOVE IT! I used 2 Kubes as my hair is pretty long. It's easy and simple to use. Just crumble the Kube, add a bit of water rub in your hands - you have shampoo! My hair feels so soft and looks shiny!!! This is a great product, thank you to @beautykubes, you have a new buyer". 
Over on our Facebook page, we have had some 5 star reviews already, read the full reviews here: 
"Only tried the sample so far (have placed an order tho) but I can honestly say I won't be going back to 'normal' shampoo! Fantastic product that leaves your hair feeling soft, looking glossy and smells so fresh. Thank you". Sarah H. 
"I tried them last night for the first time. Took one into the shower, gently rubbed it in the palm of my hands and tried it on my hair. 
It’s fabulous! 
I was really surprised how quickly it worked into a foamy lather. It smells divine and more importantly my hair looks great. 
My hair is shoulder length and coloured. I sometimes need extra conditioner on the ends but was even more surprised that I didn’t need extra conditioner after using Kubes. It looked slightly more knotted than usual after towel drying but my brush passed easier through my hair without any knots. 
It hasn’t darkened the blond highlights. My hair feels healthy and nourished and it doesn’t have that greasy heaviness that you sometimes get at the roots." Lindsay B.