Beauty Kubes plastic free, vegan friendly, solid body wash cubes, allergen free, white tea and citrus.


Our plastic free, solid body wash offers a luxurious, vegan, palm free alternative to solid soap bars. 

Most solid bar soap has a high pH which disrupts the delicate balance of the skin, our solid, palm free body wash cubes are pH balanced and contain skin nourishing coconut milk, pro-vitamin B5 and moisturising apricot kernel oil. 

Super easy to crumble, our cubes mean you no longer have to take plastic into the shower! Each box contains 27 individual body wash cubes. One cube = one wash!

Just take one cube with you into the shower, crush it between your wet palms - (wet hands work best) and rub hands together to create a smooth paste. Massage this into all areas of the body to create a creamy, luxurious, sulphate-free lather. 

  • Plastic free
  • Palm oil free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Sulphate free

 Each box weighs 100g 

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