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Hedgerow & Moor

Tree of life ceramic essential oil burner.

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This beautiful little oil burner makes a fabulous gift. 

It is used by placing a tea-light inside, adding water to the bowl at the top and then adding up to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil or essential oil blends to fill your room with uplifting and calming aromas. 

is can also be used with Fragrance Oils and Wax Melts. It also makes a very attractive decoration in any room, due to the beautiful colourful ceramic. It is finished with a decorative glaze to give that high standard finish. 

Place some water in the top bowl, light the candle beneath (tea light) and then tip a few drops of your chosen oil onto the water. Then as the water heats, the fragrance of the oils is released gently into the room.


9cm x 10cm x 11 cm

Safety advice:

  • Oil burners may get hot while in use, take care when moving them and never move when they are in use.  Always allow enough time for the holder to cool down before handling.
  • Never leave an oil burner unattended in a room when lit. 
  • Place away from children and pets and anything that could catch light such as object or curtains. 

Eco credentials


Palm oil free

Made in Cornwall using sustainable energy

Cruelty free

Not tested on animals

Plastic free